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Monroe Law Group Team

Jeremy C. Shafer, Esq. has spent the last fourteen years successfully advocating on behalf of clients, from individuals to large institutions, in state and federal courts, in a variety of legal matters and concerns. He has represented plaintiffs in mass tort cases since 2012, as the owner of Monroe Law Group, as well as the managing partner of J. Shafer Law, where he built a considerable case-load in a variety of pharmaceutical and product defect litigation. He has both his JD and MBA from the University of San Diego, and is licensed to practice law in Washington, DC, Texas and California. In addition to the bar associations in those states, he is a member of the American Bar Association and the American Association for Justice.

Jim Chilcoat is a seasoned executive who counts 10 years of C-level business management success as part of his 35 years of overall business experience. His experience managing a $5,000,000 mass tort advertising budget, combined with his background in call center management, management consulting, budgeting, human resources, training, and most other facets of business operations, makes him an important asset to the management team. A proven profit maximizer, he is skilled in cost-saving initiatives, reducing overhead and increasing profitability. Jim excels in the development and implementation of systems and policies designed to improve operations, a vital skill for the intake and case management sides of MLG’s business.

Tom Caruso is a serial entrepreneur with 25 years of small business ownership and management experience. A veteran of multiple successful startup companies, he is skilled in fund-raising, cash flow management, sales, marketing and customer service management. As a sales executive, he has built and maintained revenue streams providing the basis for multi-million dollar valuations of companies built from nothing but an idea.

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